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Words from me and my heart!


Hey there you beautiful being! I have some things to say right from my heart. This goes to all people who are struggling with there mental health care. This goes to all the people who are holding onto hope that things can get better. And this goes to the people who are talking ,sharing putting mental health talk in open spaces. Guys we have so far yet to go but let me tell you I’m 25 years in this and we are most certainly making progress. For the first time ever it’s being talked about a lot . The people who share a spotlight are talking about it . Things are in works everywhere to help and assist mental health. I really see people having good intentions with helping. No greed ,nothing in return just plain helping the struggling.

Things are slowly working.

There is another group of people that the words from my heart go to. The wonderful world of my fellow bloggers and readers. The info that you guys share, inside your lives the dedication is amazing. I had an idea for a blog. I knew that I wanted to do what I know, mental health and depression but that was it I was clueless. Y’all accepted me and my story and now I have a goal and a dream. I have learned so much from all the blogs I have read. I’m getting sidetracked. But my point is my hope my intake of info and what I am seeing, I truly feel things are slowly getting better I have more hope and faith now then I did when I started my blog. So to everyone out there let’s make a mental health month to remember. Do not stop talking ,now is the time to find your voice and strenghth to be heard. If you have a story, I promise someone wants to hear it. Remember we do not need to be fixed we are not broken. We do need healing and balancing. Just know someone thinks of you and your struggles. Someone knows exactly the things you have felt and been through. And wish with all there heart you can heal and feel life in a better way. ……. I know this cause that’s me. Keep holding on the best is yet to come. Till next time. Thanks to everyone who has support for a 42 yr old woman who has struggled with mental health issues and addiction. Thank you for allowing me to be human too. Please keep following or reading and supporting me.

Update: I’m going to be selling a few items from Amazon I’m working on a page just wanted to give you a little note. Give me a few days thanks!


Honest, good-hearted, love to write ,love to smile, I'm a mental health advocate and I believe in the lord

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  • Hi April, with you in your journey. Btw, your Like button never seems to finish loading when I visit your site.

    • thank yoy for being so kind and what shoud i do about my like button situation im clueless

      • I wish I could tell you, April. You might have to hunt around Settings, Widgets, etc. Sometimes I get help by Googling questions about WordPress, like, “Why isn’t my WordPress Like button loading?” Worth a try.

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