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Welcome each day my friend.

Daily words

Hello there my friend ! I just wanted to give some strong words for your day. And to let you know if your day is not good it really is okay. As long as you know you are just a person and what I mean is we have emotions and moods so we can not be expected to be a certain way everyday. But what we can do is try to make ourselves feel better with gratitude,prayer,exercise,and talking of course. But we can also take the day to ourselves and know with all your heart this too shall pass. But I have learned to try to put whatever is bothering you or that ugly mood in god’s hands when it is bedtime cause that will complicate your night and your new morning.

I truly hope you can find something in my words to help you on your path. Please understand these words come from a 42 year old woman who has lived a life full of trauma ,drama, and addictions. I was lost and wandering on my path. But through these things and these words of advise I give you is what led me to a better understanding of my mental health, being 7 years clean of addictions, finally feeling my heart again with love. After almost 30 years of my messy life I was so tired I did not want to keep living the way I was so instead of trying to commit suicide for the 7th time I started reading about mental health ,about god /spirituality,mindfulness a great learning to change tool, and addiction books.

Having mental health issues, and addiction problems are really difficult to put in order but I do know it can be done with a lot of hope and faith. You are always in my heart and mind so I hope you can find the healing on your path. Till next time


Honest, good-hearted, love to write ,love to smile, I'm a mental health advocate and I believe in the lord

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