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Hey there, I’m feeling kind of sad I heard that drug overdoses have went up significantly lately it really gets my heart I know I don’t know all the reasons that people continue to abuse drugs til an overdose happens but I have a few good ideas why and people not getting the actual help they need has got to be a reason and I have even come across people who don’t want to change. They have always lived that way and there comfortable now. Then there is the folks that try to get clean but have a slip back and not realizing there limit now and overdose. But whatever the reason I truly wish there was a way to really help them to know they can beat it. I truly believe if you really want to be clean in your heart you can conquer addiction but there is things you have to do on your part but in the end it’s all worth it. Addiction is such a terrible thing to deal with and so many things opens your life to it like having parents who was addicts when you was growing up, being a confused teen ,having dealt with traumas ,it’s just so easy to become one but hard at getting clean. I hope and pray for all my fellow addicts to find there recovery and my heart goes to the ones who don’t win the fight. I’m with you I understand it all but beating addiction is what it’s about so I truly hope more addicts can find there way. We also need to try to come up with ways that’s easier and more open for them to find there recovery. God bless all the lost and lonely addicts that didn’t make it and god bless the ones who are still living and please get help before another overdose happens.

One more thing I had an addict tell me when someone ODs it means the dealer has great stuff that’s so terrible if that is a thought because to me it could mean they got bad stuff. I hope they can see that differently

You can beat this

Honest, good-hearted, love to write ,love to smile, I'm a mental health advocate and I believe in the lord

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