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Share your testimomy ,it is needed!!


good morning friend! I have been really thinking about how much someone elses story can help you to tell yours. Someone elses story can show you that people can get better,or change. For a long time in my life i could not face the realities of what my life held and I just blocked it but i knew i had my own sad story so I never thought twice about nobody elses story including my moms. I truly believed i had the power in my hands of the woman i would be or the life I would have. Little did I know the traumas and struggles in your life do help form who and what you are and you dont even know it. You know something I learned since I have been older of course , you can find a path to or your whys by going back to your growing years. Almost all things that have to do with your fears,feelings, choices,and behavior came from something that you can pinpoint to an incident or something significate to you, I know this sounds like a big mess but it is true i have faced it in my experiences and I have 5 brothers and sisters that iI have shared this stuff with . One thing that is a bit sad to me is since there is no such thing as a perfect childhood ,once you become a teenager you have to start healing things that have made a not so good impression on you so you can be a healthy, successful adult. I am sorry for rambling and in a later post i will share my testimony so maybe just one person might share theres . We have to be proud of where we been and that we made it through no matter how ugly or scary the truth. Just remember whether you know it or not you have made it through hell by the grace of god ,so share how you survived. How can you not be amazing or strong after what you been through in this life. I truly know how hard it is to fight addictions , mental issues , and bad relationships so if you have been there tell your strength in your story. Have a blessed day

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Honest, good-hearted, love to write ,love to smile, I'm a mental health advocate and I believe in the lord