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Good morning to the wonderful world of bloggers ,the folks who read the blogs, the ones who put there hearts in them ,and most of all the ones who keep coming back to read what we share. I know I have been kinda glum lately. But today I’m giving thanks for all the things in life that are amazing. Of course I have to give thanks to the lord for waking me up today with so much love in my heart.

Build love in your house

I know it can be hard to be loving and happy all the time. But if you could get to at least more than half the time. I happen to know your life and your thoughts can be conquered for so much better. So when you have taken in so much negativity ,just stop and tell yourself this isn’t all life’s about. Then start looking at each and everything in your life and find the good and love. Does not matter how big or even how small if it made you smile or feel love thank God for it. And above all please try to understand all things happen for a reason and we will know why later on. Just have faith that there was a reason something happened or there was a reason something didn’t go your way. But I know you still can find somethings your great ful for . I hope my words can touch your heart . Those same words helped me feel different about my life.

Trust and faith

I’m sending lots of love to you. Till next time!❤️


Honest, good-hearted, love to write ,love to smile, I'm a mental health advocate and I believe in the lord

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