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hey !how are you today? As for me I am not great but still greatful.Well my celexa is definely a no go it is not the one for me I am on about my 8th medication. And I have been kind of busy with life so I just havent got to the doctor to get started on something else. I have got to try something not in the ssri group . So im always sleeping or if I do push myself up im in like sleep walking zone. I have so many aches and pains also my eating is out of control because im always eating or just not eating. Im a bit of a mess right now.

My 10 year old takes medicine for ADHD hes underweight and his appetite is terrible. He has been taking this medicine for 4 years and I am not getting any real cooperation with his doctor but I am looking for another doctor that will try to find the medicine with not so many side effects. I tell you what it is extremely difficult to find the right medications on top of being a mom, a wife,go to therapy for PTSD, recovery therapy, many dr. appointments and daily living. So finding your right medication and getting the help you deserve in mental health and addiction should not and i mean should not be so hard to come by.

I truly believe that the people who could make these things easier or more accessible truly do not understand the real big picture. Because keeping things hard and a struggle has a lot to do with why so many of us give up its so easy to do. When you get to the point of overwhelm or overload getting help should be as easy as giving up. All people can become overloaded or overwhelmed because it happens in life. How deep your struggles can be worse for your outcome. I guess I have said enough for now. please keep your faith wherever you are in your struggle thats whats holding my glue together. Till next time


Honest, good-hearted, love to write ,love to smile, I'm a mental health advocate and I believe in the lord

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