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Categories: mental health

My mental health appt.


Hey guys hope your having a good evening mines pretty good my 2 boys are staying the night with there grandma so I get a little break thank God, first of all I wanted to tell y’all how good I have been doing mentally lately I cut myself totally off of cymbalta after tapering of course so I have been on 20mg celexa I have still been a little depressed but feeling much better without cymbalta which had so many side effects I’m having none now really so I’m feeling like this might be a keeper for awhile ,now that leads me to my doctor appt today with my mental health dr. I’ve only seen her 2 times she says it’s because of the covid but I honestly didn’t feel like she cared whether I was there or not this is what hurts my feelings and grinds my gears how these doctors show no effort to care about us at all and I feel that they aren’t putting enough effort in making the best decisions or guiding us with a loving heart or a helping hand, to me personally i feel like I’m not healing or evolving with the doctor and that’s very discouraging to most people but I have come to going beyond just being another depressed patient I’m gonna fight for my ways of therapy ,groups that care stand with my fellow human and find healing in a variety of ways I’m tired of the disregard we go through we are people we need help we need ways to cope and I know there’s doctors who care but we will go through our share of the ones that don’t so for me today I got my celaxa moved up and was able to get a number to call a therapist who is really good with ptsd so I’m gonna say I still found something I’m great ful for out of that appt. I truly hope if y’all need to comment or ask me anything you guys are more than welcome to start a conversation with me I know how hard this all is but it can get better and it will but we can’t just depend on one thing it consists of several things to make this game of the depressed brain work, as always you guys remain on my mind I feel theres hope and joy for us all. Night night hopefully sleep tight


Honest, good-hearted, love to write ,love to smile, I'm a mental health advocate and I believe in the lord

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