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Mental health, substance abuse help should be easier to obtain in all states


This is something I wish could change

Hey there! What I’m meaning by this is I have seen and I have been through this alot myself but trying to get the help you need or want whether it’s mental health care or addiction can be so difficult and also keeping your treatment can be just as difficult with changing rules or doctor changes or whatever they try to make the process difficult for you and I do not understand why it’s like if you get settled or in a good spot they want to change it to me that’s unacceptable if I have done no wrong. But because of the lack of finding trustworthy and good help people do put it off I mean you already are at rock bottom then to feel there isn’t a place to care and help you instead overlook you. I just know we got to find ways to bring all this together more I believe we have and are still not where we need to be for all the people struggling but really would like there life back. Til next time


Honest, good-hearted, love to write ,love to smile, I'm a mental health advocate and I believe in the lord

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