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Just a how are you


Good morning 🌄 to everyone especially the lonely or depressed to all you good people that life seems to dump on I am feeling you and my heart has a big spot for you I too have struggled so much I’m not where I totally wanna be right in life but I’m taking the steps keeping hope and please you guys feel my words from someone who has been way down I dealt with sex abuse as a child and teenager so I turned into a miss goody 2 shoes who thought my sh_t didn’t drink then it all fell away by 30 I was addicted to drugs and alcohol severe ptsd and until a year ago things kept going terrible for me when I decided to stop listening to the judging of people and getting help for my addictions it’s been 6 yrs clean but a year ago I decided to admit alot of my past happened to me not my fault still had to accept and put behind and the things I did wasn’t me it was what was wrong with me I let anger be boss it had to stop and we learn alot of bad habits to cope we have to replace them with new better things I just really hope I can help anyone of you with my words also I’m truly here for anyone who needs someone we can do this good life and happy living doesn’t discriminate and we can have it as long as there is a breathe in us have yourselves a good day and please email or respond to my blog if you want


Honest, good-hearted, love to write ,love to smile, I'm a mental health advocate and I believe in the lord

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