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Isn’t it funny how a lot of men are macho?


Or maybe they know how to handle depression better than females, I don’t think macho is the answer but I know they put a lot of extra crap on them just to hold this I’m the man image but they can break to. In my personal experience single men have been more accepting to being depressed but a family man, dad or stepdad they try there hardest to stand firm but then we can see the signs like stop smiling as much, not as loving to spouse or kids easily angered at most things, yelling at the kids more but yet if you bring the “d” word they say no I’m not. I just wanted to put some love out there to all men who are struggling it’s ok to say so it’s ok if you need some help as usual you can email me or leave a comment I’m here. One last thing good morning my amazing friend and follower and to the ones to come I hope, have a good day, stand up for mental health in all til next time enjoy the verse


Honest, good-hearted, love to write ,love to smile, I'm a mental health advocate and I believe in the lord

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  • Well, macho men sure are sexy for what it’s worth (as a gay guy)! But yes, so true as for what you’re saying—a lot of them are struggling and need to learn how to talk about it/get help/etc. Nice post! <3

      • Hahaha thank youuu! My family doesn’t know I’m gay n all of that—religious people in TX don’t like us—so I’m a lil different on my blog than I am in comments of others blogs (where I have privacy since my fam doesn’t see my comments)! 😂

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