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Is Suboxone good for recovery?


Howdy partner ! So im hoping you will give me feedback on this question. I know some addicts who are on the suboxone treatment. I believe it works well for recovering alcoholics and heroin addicts . There are some rules to go by to be in the treatment of course. Bottom line you take roughly about 2 pills or strips a day. Of cousre the sly addicts that dont really want to be clean and the doctors just making money have been turning a lot of these clinics into the way they ruined pill clinics. But they ask me how long should they be on it and can they be for a lifetime. My advise is that it used to be a 12 month program then your start tapering. But somehow that has changed but if it is helping them to remain clean, isnt that a good thing? But people do have a bad opinion on it they say your not drug free you take suboxone.

Thats just unfair to say to someone struggling.But there also can be side effects and your liver has to be checked every 6 months. So what do you think about this ? Til next time

suboxone can help this

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