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Is being afraid holding you back?

Always trust the lord no matter what!!

Good morning beautiful! You are a fellow being so yes you are beautiful. So my question is are you letting being afraid to hold you back in addiction, mental health, and life? My personal answer is for most of my life as far back as I can remember as a child yes being afraid caused me to stay where I was in life or not do what would have changed things. Also kept me from getting help as a teenage girl. As I got older being afraid was a leader in all my relationships also. I was too afraid to make my own choices or the right choice to stand up to my partners. As addiction came to play in my life I let being afraid to make my choices in being an addict instead of getting help for the things that led me to the point of addiction.

I know you understand where being afraid has led me but I do have just a little more to add. So after I was in the addiction cycle being afraid stopped me from wanting to withdrawal, break away from my family that was poisoning me and getting clean. Being afraid also kept me from getting help and healing my mental health , I did not want to talk about my mistakes , did not want to be called crazy (my family did that enough) I am sorry for rambling but being afraid will destroy your paths in life because we make choices to try to stay on the safe side but it’s not the right side. I was able thanks to the lord above to find strength in me and him to stop looking at my life with fear or being afraid. It does not matter where we have been or what we have done we can still be better we can still make our lives count so please try to fight being afraid and do what’s best for you even if you are a little scared I will and I do pray for your healing and well being everyday. Till next time


Honest, good-hearted, love to write ,love to smile, I'm a mental health advocate and I believe in the lord

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