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In that ole deep dark hole


Hey there friend!How are you today? I thought this link was worth sharing. A lot of times I read these I find part of my own story. People who struggle with mental disorders are so much more alike than we realize. We also are so much stronger than we ever give ourselves credit for. How could we be weak when we have made it through or still coping with some of the hardest issues.

I wanted to let you know how awesome may is. I am sure you know why. It is mental health month.This to me is the time to be heard, time for questions, a time to get the help you know would make a change. I know how hard it is being a victim but yet so many of us have made it . Being a survivor has it’s tough side to. And finding healing isn’t easy either.
But you know what else I have learned and this doesn’t get said to much either. We are some of the best fighters in the world . And what I mean by that is look how many times we are mistreated,misunderstood,fail in our treatments, try different meds,looking for help while getting no where and much more. We pickup a few bad things on the way like addictions or a lover or two.
But you know what some do not make it god bless them. They fought as long they could. But others like, you are out of this world fighters.
I can only hope others will learn and understand just how much strength you have. To be where you are and still fighting to find your healing . So let’s stand up and stand out this month. It is okay to say how you feel it is ok to say what you need or believe. Just know there is something good to come from all your struggles. We are not accidents our lives was not accidents there is always a reason just have faith knowing that. Happy mental health month


Honest, good-hearted, love to write ,love to smile, I'm a mental health advocate and I believe in the lord

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