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Categories: mental health

Good morning my good people


I love to tell someone I care about good morning 🌻 I want them to know I am thinking of them and I truly want to thank you all for taking the time to check my blog I’m just very great ful words can’t say enough, some days are still rough for me with my struggle of a,d,d ,ptsd ,and anxiety,and manic depression with bipolar I’m still a work in progress but I’ve overcome alot so far and my med isn’t right yet but I control the rest so my advice for the day is let’s learn to let go I mean really let go it’s not easy and you take it in steps but get rid of toxic people as you can it can be 1 at a time let go even the family that don’t support you ,let go of how we have been told to be ,let go of the past mistakes they are done no reason to bother you or anyone let go of our way of doing things if it hasn’t worked in our lives it want and please let go of anger this world has made you feel about you and life oh yes please let go of staying to yourself and being isolated that’s sure not gonna help also if like me you are dealing with an addiction (6yclean) the reason how or why that’s just isn’t a big issue to me get help get clean and that’s helps with your menta health


Honest, good-hearted, love to write ,love to smile, I'm a mental health advocate and I believe in the lord

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