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Can you choose wisdom instead of foolish?

Wisdom instead of foolishness!

Hello friend how are you today? Well I hope. So here’s my daily verse as you probably know certain verses I pot a story with. This is one about choosing wisdom over foolishness. I know all about this because in my life I chose foolishness way more than wisdom. It took me a long time and a relationship with god to start choosing wisdom in my life. As always no matter where you are in your walk with god or not this still is very important in life. It is so easy to be foolish in addiction , relationships, mental issues, or all things in life. When we are growing up we just do not always look for what’s best for us and we choose the not so good not thinking about the consequences or reality of that choice. Then once we make the foolish choices we think the damage is done and we want fix it. Let me tell you so what you had a lapse in judgement you still can find wisdom to make that a much better situation for you. Just stop and look at what that struggle is then think of how you can be wise and make a choice to make it better for you I promise choosing wise over foolish is a gift we all have if we choose to use it. You know what has been foolish in your life try not to make that choice again. Try to be wiser it makes for an easier and better life I promise. I have definely learned that in my time and struggles. Till next time


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