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Any way of giving can help!!


Good morning darling! I love this verse about giving. Truly any way you can give will help. I have been poor all my life so I found many ways to help people with no money. So I thought I would give you some methods I used and continue to use till this day. First of all sometimes just a smile can make someone feel like you acknowledged the fact they are a fellow being.

This one really can bring cheer to someone’s heart giving them a real compliment about there hair,clothes or whatever. This one is an oldie but goody opening or holding the door for someone. Now this one is amazing if you truly do it right but it’s so simple just listening to someones feelings or whatever they want to talk about but you basically just listen.

Now here’s a couple things to give to someone in your family or friends who mean something to you give them a hug just cause they deserve it or they just might need it. And this one is just a heart melter say I love you right out of the blue because you do love them and they really might need to hear it. Well I hope this kind of give you ways to give things without having to be money. Hope you will try it if you don’t already. Have a blessed day. Till next time


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