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I’m just out of ideas and pics to promote my site. But I’m doing some research for them. I’ve found a bunch of ad making apps so if they don’t look to bad I’m going to show them to you,Hope all’s well with you, as for me I’m really struggling with my doctor over my medication I have been doing this for a long time in my life. It just really saddens and angers me how they just show no interest or care about you or what you do know it’s always a darn struggle when it comes to trying to recover and cope from mental illness and addiction it seems being at the bottom struggling is what a lot of doctors and people expect us to be and remain. I know these things cause you to make wrong or bad choices but that doesn’t mean we are dumb or ignorant. Sometimes when you stand up or have your opinion they say your overreacting or acting crazy and that truly bothers me I have had so many doctors and therapists to not like me because I stand up for myself. I really hope the people struggling will continue to try to stand up and be heard I know it’s tough and it might take awhile to get great progress but you will know in your heart they heard you. It’s really important to speak up and out about depression or mental illness it used to be keeping a secret was the way of the world but it’s not that time anymore. It’s now time to talk get it out we can’t fix what we want talk about. I hope you take these words to heart,no one told me I was raised to keep secrets and it tore my life apart but since I have been talking and facing these past things it has helped me more than anything have yourself a good night. Til next time

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Honest, good-hearted, love to write ,love to smile, I'm a mental health advocate and I believe in the lord

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