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Categories: mental health

A little hello


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I’m just thinking about all you guys the ones who are following me and reading my blog I truly cannot thank yall enough and I hope that you all will stay with me awhile longer you have truly been helping me heal as well and you guys are more than welcome to ask me a question or make a suggestion however I can better help you I’m good with it it’s really amazing to me how the world just keeps adding to depression and mental health disorders but I truly believe we can make better changes by being heard finding someone you can talk to take our medications but be aware it’s not just the meds only we have a huge part to play as well Im feeling so hopeful for us even with the world gone crazy I used to be the first one to say whatever it is what it is but I’m so far from that now and I have hope and believe you to can feel differently my thing I was always wanting things to happen fast having dealt with a,d,d, has caused that but the truth is it takes some time to work through ,and heal and then get there oh yeah then maintaining things but so sometimes when we feel like things ain’t going along don’t stop be cause you are getting closer to that destination I promise you as long as your trying and doing the right things even with addictions you will get there ,yes you will


Honest, good-hearted, love to write ,love to smile, I'm a mental health advocate and I believe in the lord

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