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A hello from me mrs.sunshine starr

I am a 42 year old mom of two boys 5 and 10. I stand beside the people who struggle with there mental health,and addiction they deserve to be heard and to know and understand everything regarding there struggles.I hope to help give them the knowledge they need and also help to give them the strength to tell there story. I too have struggled most of my life with these same issues and have finally found my healing and freedom from my struggles and demons.

Sunshine henry

Mental health blogger, freelance writer , life coach

I believe I’ve learned so much and I can guide and help anyone who is in the positions I was, I am now in recovery from everything 7 yrs total and I’m a stay at home mom. I’m standing for the people who are overlooked,judged, disrespected, but I’m hoping to get more of the people struggling to open up. And also help anyone to find there faith in the lord this holds the main part of me changing and healing from so much trauma in my life so I know what it can do for anybody. Just believe!!

Also I’m a counselor / life coach
Just a hello